artsyfartsyhippietrippie asked:
Why do you like teal and magenta so much?

i went through an orange phase in my early life. (10-17)

this transitioned into a deep purple/indigo phase (17-20)

and now im in this- crown chakra, open ended… heart and third eye combined type of thing… i still love violet; but some of my favorite meditations have been soaked in neon teal blue/green and magenta pink.

i feel that magenta and teal are colors of the heart frequencies!!!

later on i saw that Thom Yorke chose teal and magenta for his light show during Everything in its Right Place, where he repeats “THERE ARE TWO COLORS IN MY HEAD”. he went through a deep inner period where… (see link)

i also saw a MagentaPixie2012 video where someone asks about these two EXACT SAME COLORS!!! she has a long reply about the two specific colors seen during mediation.

i found it quite appalling people are on this same trip. i just find the violet, indigo, and magenta frequencies so strongly. i feel all the colors/vibes/chakras are important but the higher vibrational/higher chakras im definitely more into.. again i feel it has a lot to do with the connection between the THIRD EYE & the HEART