Chopped and Screwed this track of the “Rosko Taint LP” for fun. Slow down and vibe out to this bass bumping track!

CRAZY NEW NEW SLAVES REMIX, shit will fuck u up!

full remix tape, “Rosko Taint Presents: Pink Summer”, coming July. it will feature this track as well as mixes of Rihanna, Future, Adele, Chief Keef and more!

Oh wow I just noticed you answered my question a while ago, I thought you ignored it haha. I actually meant this picture. And also did you know if you type in  it just endlessly says not found?

StarSkins - Rosko Taint NEW OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2012 (by roskotaint)

Directed by S.S.W.B. & R.T. | StarSkins debut 5•15•12 | Rosko Taint, SpaceKingEntity, Sir Stevie Wonda Bread | | download #StarSkins

StarSkins coming 5/15/12 // #StarSkins #StarJam #StarSuit #RainbowStarSkin

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Aging Future, 2012 feat.William S. Burroughs (by roskotaint)

BONUS VERSION of the #RIProsko leak/EP (previously unreleased tracks)

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