glittertomb asked:
dude, why are you apologizing for thinking another woman looks beautiful? why are you so quick to throw your hands up in the air and proclaim that you're not gay when that didn't even come up, and would not have come up, had you not brought it up for no reason? reblogging a girl in short shorts doesn't make you gay. thinking a girl looks pretty when you're a girl doesn't make you gay. and even if you were, WHO CARES. grow up. fuck homophobics. and fuck you.


I AM SORRY that the caption struck a homophobic tone with u.

outofchaoscomesclarity asked:
youre so adrobableee

omg im blushing. im a huge fan of your blog, and you’re stunning. :))) <333

Anonymous asked:
Buddy I miss you. I wish you all good hug.

thnx i miss u too…? well prob. <333

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i literally just made this. freestyle. s/o to tk on the guitar part (he recorded that a few days ago)


SIMON B. 11-11-11