new remix by me! get a taste of this ear candy…

is your summer pink yet? #PinkSummer coming soon…

# Artist: Rosko Taint Album: Rarities Track: Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground)
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cover of The Velvet Underground, “Pale Blue Eyes”


Rosko’s Ressurection Disc Two is here!

compilation of Dr. Jack’s favorite Rosko Taint tracks!


StarSkins - Rosko Taint NEW OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2012 (by roskotaint)

Directed by S.S.W.B. & R.T. | StarSkins debut 5•15•12 | Rosko Taint, SpaceKingEntity, Sir Stevie Wonda Bread | | download #StarSkins

#MagentaWaves by Aging Future (Rosko Taint on vocals) 2:22

NEW SONG!!! “Senseless Delusions” - LEAK - recorded today/tonight!!!


i just made this NEW SONG - Something You Are (LEAK)


Video streaming by Ustream

#Psychosis - live electronic performance including the first time i’ve ever played Death of Rosko songs