There’s Danger in the Zen Garden

by Rosko Taint

Plastic bottles and other trash line the beach as a questionable line of incremental dress code turns creates a mess of surrogate paranoia. I was slipping into my egg, through the dangerous farms of brick and slumbering modèle déposé. Selfless giving thanks to a spoiled drink that turned into a golden mango smoothie. Blankets of ice on top of the sand. There is always some negative spirit, a darkness to give awareness of the light.

Fuck, here it goes again. Everyone is thinking that this can’t go on. If I knew how to walk the spiral staircase to the fourth floor I most definitely would. In fact, going back to the age of nine, I always counted those first five steps before reaching the next floor. There’s always time for later. Plus, all these magazines haven’t been flipped through. Discreet subtext is objectionable with a character such as myself. Who’s running through my soul today. Is it the old man with ageless wisdom, or the sacred shamans of ancient times. Secretly, you are hoping that the case of death is not real. Impressionable to say the least. It’s a fear to let go and give in. Pass by, this thing, numbers like “666” which are encrypting your programmed desires. I am “only” this. Sample the solution of intangible liquid lasers.

"I could try to bring you a long with me…"

"oh, it’s okay, there’s no use- I’m already there"

Far out, I like this dood.

So, in your life, are you trying to separate light from dark? Is your “Zen” afraid of something?

Apple Sauce was a fine fragment of a continuous theme. Feel the texture of the applesauce when you listen to the Major Seventh Chord. Blonde- with passionate figure. Dance, dance like you’ve never seen.

"What the fuck?"

funny, say something


Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Aliestor Crowely, Timothy Leary, Kanye West…

There it is, I’ve said ‘It’.

If you’re looking for some sort of answer to the question; there’s always a danger in the Zen Garden. There is no focus, or anything that is worth finding a label for. Get out of the garden and play in the mud.

Eating like animals- consumption as a metaphorical prisoner. Enjoy that you’re part of witnessing a society of Lizard Kings. See that- and then let that constraint go because nothing is as real as your cosmic dance.

Dancing barefoot in the sand. Wind is like my best friend. There is a voice that speaks deeply if you listen the right way. In any case, there is a meeting every night in the deepest of my dreams. In the meeting there is a magenta neon tube contained in a carbon-plastic-silicon blend generating a source of creation, love, and harmonious light.

Come back to the garden now…

"Are you sleeping okay lately?" asks my friend.

"No, no, it’s fine- I’m just like… on this…"

wait, the table is obviously spinning because of the lights inside my head.

Bubbles of chaos pass by the garden. Nobody cares anymore to notice. In that absence antique  strings are played like fortresses of armory and slave soldiers. The Zen Master doesn’t see the pain, only transcends it. So when the Buddhist, Christian, Thelemic, or other is pushed through the time wave portal all ideas will be forgotten. Live for now because the tomorrow is an idea in your head. Sometimes a very heavy one, that is the storm destroying the garden.

Products of your environment; just a predetermined function of your name and birth date. No again, there is dysfunction in the paradigm of mistruths. Looking away from the wind we go inside.

"It looks like it might rain soon."

yes my friend, the guides are angry.

Looking over to the east a magnificent bird catches my eye. A rainbow trail of light behind its wings, like a sign… Always remember your fate is like a river of light, maliable like your lovers heart when her knees shake.

Slowly back, again, to the garden, the great pleur is over and we can now pretend, there is always order and balance. Only in the construct of the mind is the sand ever disturbed in Our Garden. We keep the sand clean like a distilled lake bed. This is done to give the impression of serenity. Like a tranquil dream, or set, like a staged concert, ready to set a programmed mood. Please, everyone must remember, to get out of Their Garden and experience the destruction, senseless delusion and appropriate panic. Let it all soak into your soul with the biggest embrace. Welcome America, the enslaved corporation of dope dishing, money mongering, lunatics waiting for your fear and hate. Don’t give them anger, laugh in the face of the giants. Beating down wolves and alligators like its my duty, I have a purpose. It’s lovely…

Expressions through words are not keen to the feelings outside of the four lines. The connection between us was divine.


gonna worship shiva for like the 4th time today

tarforbrains asked:

What i want to be when I’m older: i want to be in the 4th Dimension World/5th Dimensional Consciousness … making music

Anonymous asked:
you could be the next david bowie

wow. hopefully the 4D comes first; i dont wanna be famous.

I <333 YOU!!!